Planet X from our Conspiracy Theory Coloring Book

We are cranking on our Conspiracy Theory Coloring Book in order to get it ready for you holiday shoppers! As we start sharing some of these images you will quickly notice that we have illustrated some of our favorite conspiracy theories. You will also notice that we have dressed them up a bit by swapping food for the key elements in the theories.

Planet X On Screen

What kid or adult doesn’t want to color in a giant glazed donut as Planet X / Nibiru?! In the above pic we are playing around with some colors to make sure it holds up well when it’s colored.


Conspiracy Theory Coloring Book


You read it right! We (we = Hairy McSpecies) are currently working on a conspiracy theory themed coloring book for kids. So far we have covered the illuminati, chem trails, mining the moon and more.

What are your favorite conspiracy theories?

Any theories we choose to illustrate gets you a free coloring book signed by the Mixed Species guys! (word is we’ll sign it without using our hands …)

Face McSpecies

Half a genius!

We are well in to our seventh year of Mixed Species being alive and kicking. Through those seven years my role as part of this crafting chaos have varied from creator, social media circus barker, muse, bail poster and provider of fire to gasoline. Overall I am the Sonny to our Mixed Species Cher. (Hairy McSpecies)

My goal first and foremost has and always will be to entertain. If I can make you laugh or make your friends laugh or make my parents uncomfortable I am happy.  Through this blog I look to share the crazy stories we have accumulated over the past seven plus years as well  bounce future project ideas off of everyone and also curate some of the combined interests that make Mixed Species who we are. Image